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An aesthetically pleasing website for one of New York City’s leading cosmetology centers.

Dolce Aesthetics NY

Dolce Aesthetics has multiple locations throughout Brooklyn and Queens. They are one of the top cometology centers in NYC.


Brooklyn, NY & Queens, NY


Cosmetology & Beauty Care

Organization Size

10 — 20 Employees

Services We Provided

– Web Design
– Marketing

The Client

Dolce Aesthetics is a NYC-based medical spa that specializes in various professional cosmetology services, providing skin and body care to the local community. With decades of experience in the medical field, founder, Jen DiLandro, built her business around the level of care and service she practiced during her time as a registered nurse. Though specializing in skin and beauty, for the Dolce team quality service, empathy, and professionalism are more than skin deep.

The Challenge

When we started working with Jen in 2015, she was looking to expand her business. She already had a solid business model in place and had established an excellent reputation among current clients. However, she was exploring different ways to bring in new clients and build awareness around the brand online. This gave way to a great opportunity to use a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to increase visibility among future and potential clientele.

The Solution

To optimize customer experience, we designed a user-friendly website that gave clients access to information about the services, ease of booking for all appointments, and ways to contact Jen and her team. After the initial SEO campaign was completed, we continued to monitor updates on Google’s search algorithm, adjusting our strategy as needed. With an online strategy in place, Jen and her team were able to focus on providing the quality customer service they were known for to continue building their clientele and strengthen their relationship with the existing customer base.

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Solid SEO + Customer Service = Growth

When it comes to digital marketing for businesses, customer service is essential. Online reviews and recommendations make or break local businesses, so in order for an SEO strategy to really work, it needs to be coupled with a business providing quality customer care – a practice Dolce Aesthetics has had in place from the very beginning.

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The Result

When we implemented the strategy, traffic to their website and business online increased significantly bringing Dolce to the top of Google search results. For over 1,700 search terms, Dolce Aesthetics appeared among the top 10 results which made it easier for new clients to discover the business. With the increase in awareness, Dolce Aesthetics was able to open two additional locations in Brooklyn and Queens.

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