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Brooklyn-based church plant reaching people where they are and helping them grow.

Bridge Church NYC

Bridge Church is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Their church launched on Easter of 2014.




Religious Organization

Organization Size

10 — 20 Employees

Services We Provided

– Branding
– Web Design
– Marketing

The Client

Lead Pastor James Roberson wanted to plant a church in Brooklyn that would not only connect others to God but also create a space to build community and give back to the city. Out of that vision came Bridge Church NYC which launched on Easter 2014 with the mission to: Connect to God. Grow with Family. Serve our City.

The Challenge

Today, people make most of their decisions online, especially when it comes to what church they’ll attend. In this technologically-driven world, a church’s website is, in a way, the new front doors of the church. Knowing the importance of having an online presence, especially when planting a church in an area where millennials make up the majority of the community, Pastor Roberson and his team reached out to Mattera Management to help them create a logo, build their website, and bring awareness to the budding church.

The Solution

Starting from scratch, we created a website and developed a plan to utilize SEO as a tool for ministry, increasing the church’s reach and discoverability online. Soon after the website’s launch, the church was awarded recognition for having one of the best church websites.

Bridge Church NYC Logo
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Using SEO strategy to turn a church plant into church growth.

When it comes to church websites, it’s important that every facet of the site is a genuine reflection of the church so that people feel welcome and know what to expect. When there’s a disparity between a church’s online presence and its in-person experience, visitors may walk away feeling confused and misled, which also makes a case for necessary upkeep every two to three years. In light of that, after building a website that captured the mission and heart of the church, we continued working with their leadership team through three iterations of the website to hone in on what would lead to impactful outreach. To this day, we regularly consult with the team to ensure their online presence, from their website to their social media strategy, remains constant with the rapidly changing pace of the digital world.

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Power of Us Brochure

The Result

Today, the website and SEO strategies developed at the start of the church plant remain the primary source of attendance growth for Bridge Church. In fact, approximately 15% of Bridge Church visitors in 2018 were a direct result of the search optimization strategy implemented by our team. Over the course of three years, the church’s website has risen to the top 100 Google search ranking for 2,905 keywords. The site is the first search result for 38 keywords and ranks in the top 10 for 684 keywords. Since its launch in 2014, the church has expanded to two Sunday services and has become one of the most successful church plants in one of the hardest cities to plant a church.

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