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A refreshed website and social presence for NYC’s top church planting and replanting organization.

Bridge Church NYC

ZION is a church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Their team are native New Yorkers who love Jesus and want to spread his message.




Religious Organization

Organization Size

10 — 20 Employees

Services We Provided

– Branding
– Web Design
– Social Media
– Marketing

The Client

In 1999, BronxConnect was launched as an initiative of the Urban Youth Alliance with one mission: to keep youth out of jail for life. From advocacy to workforce reentry programs and everything in between, the faith and community-based organization has been a force behind ongoing reforms to the justice and court systems. Their Alternative-to-Detention (ATD) and Alternative-to-Incarceration (ATI) programs have become a model for other cities across the country. BronxConnect has proven that the solution to violence and mass incarceration lies in love-in-action.

The Challenge

Despite the incredible work and success stories the team at BronxConnect got to be a part of, they didn’t have a platform to share those narratives online. This organization, which has always been about community, was unable to reach their online community, and that had an adverse impact on the funding they needed to grow. This is a challenge many non-profit organizations face in this digital age as donors and foundations look to organizations’ websites and social media pages to determine the legitimacy of their programs and initiatives.

The Solution

In order to build a solid foundation for their online presence, our team worked with BronxConnect to create a logo, redesign their website, and establish a brand identity that could communicate all that the organization was doing in their city. Once the foundation for their online presence was established, we launched a social media campaign to build awareness and increase community engagement.

City to City NYC Logo
City to City NYC Typeface & Brand Colors
City to City NYC Event
City to City NYC Website Responsiveness

A new strategy-shifted focus towards the community they serve.

To deliver a rebrand for BronxConnect, we created a new visual identity with a more contemporary color palette, typography system and logo usage. We wanted to keep the look inviting, yet appealing for BronxConnect’s target audience. Combining bold graphics and human-centric photography allowed us to depict BronxConnect as a non-profit that is focused on its community.

City to City NYC Website Phone Screens
City to City NYC Training Session
City to City NYC Instagram Posts
City to City NYC Instagram Posts
City to City NYC Roll Up Banners

The Result

As a result, the BronxConnect Facebook page went from 20 likes to over 1,000 in the first several months, and the organization’s funding doubled in size within the first year of rebranding. In the past two years, they saw their funding quadruple, providing BronxConnect with the resources needed to continue sharing their mission and vision with those in their neighborhood and beyond. The organization has since expanded to another borough (ManhattanConnect) and received a $1M grant from The Rockefeller Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Communities Thrive Challenge, which will be used to launch their programs in another city. These milestones really speak to the importance of having a robust online presence. Now, their branding, social media, and website truly reflect and communicate the impactful work that they’ve been accomplishing for two decades.


Increase in Facebook likes.

$1 Million

Grant received in 2019.