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A refreshed website and social presence for NYC’s top church planting and replanting organization.

City to City NYC

City to City NYC is an interdenominational church network in New York City passionate about helping leaders start and strengthen churches throughout the city.


New York, NY


Religious Organization

Organization Size

20+ Employees

Services We Provided

– Web Design
– Social Media
– Marketing

The Client

City to City was birthed out of the ministry of Tim Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Originally launching in the early 1990s, Redeemer was able to witness and be involved firsthand in much of the resurgence of new churches throughout New York. As they developed resources for training new and existing church leaders, they began to see an opportunity to multiple their efforts in other global cities around the world. Now spread out in several city teams, City to City exists to build and propel movements of the gospel in affiliate networks around the globe. 

The Challenge

While City to City's vision has brought exponential growth throughout the world, it has also created a need for communicating, promoting, and celebrating each local organization. Particularly, with their corporate office also located in NYC, much of their digital assets were increasingly focused on their global expressions without a distinct space that focused on the ongoing work taking place in New York. This is a challenge global brands often face as they seek to adopt both a global and local strategy. The City to City NYC team needed its own space online to continue reaching and serving local leaders.

The Solution

In order to create a digital space for the NYC team and distinguish it from their global organization, our team worked alongside City to City NYC to utilize their existing brand in creating a new website with all new, NYC-centric messaging and next steps for leaders tailored to the specific training opportunities being offered in the city. With this new foundation in place, we collaborated on a strategy to launch brand new social media channels with all new visual assets geared toward building awareness and increasing NYC-specific engagement with the network.

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City to City NYC Instagram Posts

The Result

As a result, City to City NYC now has a dedicated space to reach, engage, and equip church leaders throughout their city. In the first two years, their new website has reached nearly 16,000 unique users with close to 6,000 of those being located directly in NYC. In that same timeframe, their brand new Instagram account reached over 1,800 followers and their Facebook over 600. Perhaps most importantly, our work with City to City NYC has offered a new framework and path for other city expressions within the City to City network to begin launching their own local presence online, offering greater specificity, and ultimately, greater reach worldwide. Now, rather than existing only in the shadow of their global brand, we have the opportunity for ongoing partnership with City to City NYC as we dream and develop new ways to engage and equip church leaders throughout their particular city.

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