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A rebrand for a legendary Christian Evangelist and best-selling author, that speaks volumes.

Nicky Cruz Outreach

Nicky Cruz Outreach has provided 60+ years of Worldwide Evangelismwith a focus on spreading the gospel to today’s youth.


Colorado Spings, CO


Religious Organization

Organization Size

10 — 20 Employees

Services We Provided

– Branding
– Web Design
– Social Media
– Marketing

The Client

Born in Puerto Rico and exiled to New York City by his own father at the age of 15, Nicky Cruz’s life is one marked with much adversity. But out of his incredible testimony, an evangelistic movement was birthed, impacting youth all over the world for over 60 years. As an author and evangelist, Nicky has spoken to nearly 50 million people. Through Nicky Cruz Outreach, he continues to use his background to help countries find solutions to the violence and hopelessness that plague many communities today, paving the way for urban evangelism.

The Challenge

In order to sustain the reach the organization’s work was having across the globe, Nicky and his team wanted to make a significant shift from paper to digital. As an organization that has been thriving and growing for decades, Nicky Cruz Outreach already had a following on its social media platforms; however, they wanted to better utilize these digital tools to reach the next generation. When Nicky and his team first approached Mattera, they were at a pivotal point of transition in their organization. They needed a partnership that would enable them to focus on their ministry without neglecting their growing social media following. One could only imagine just how much the organization’s impact would grow with a revamped online presence in place.

The Solution

In order to capture the personality at the core of the organization, we started with a complete rebrand, designing a new logo, establishing a consistent brand identity to be used across all print and digital media, and implementing a campaign that would raise awareness and funds. Once the groundwork was laid, we took care of the administrative work, managing social media and compiling prayer requests so that Nicky and his team had more time to focus on the ministry’s work, fostering real life discipleships, and praying over the requests received.

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An aligned ministry geared for the next generation.

As a design and marketing firm with faith roots, we were able to carefully cultivate and produce engagement and communication in a way that best represented and reflected the heart of the ministry. This enabled the Nicky Cruz team to continue their core work without worrying about how they were being represented online.

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Nicky Cruz Outreach Instagram Posts
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The Result

Within the first few months of rebranding, the interaction and reach across Nicky Cruz’s social media platforms surged drastically. From February to June of 2018, social media posts reached over 800,000 people on Instagram alone, a 13,363% increase from an average reach of 6,000 people. All in all, what was really accomplished was the ability to build a brand that remained true to its roots and ministry, while effectively communicating the personal brand through technology and platforms that didn’t even exist when the ministry first started. Now, the work that Nicky Cruz began in 1958 can translate seamlessly into the 21st century.

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